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       Abuse in The Military Abuse in the military is a very serious matter. In the past few years abuse towards people of colour and different religions other than Christianity has been an all-time high. Although almost all recruits get “hazed” people of colour and different religions have received a higher level of abuse compared to other soldiers. Back in 2016 a muslim recruit went to Paris Island to do his Marine Corps basic training he was labelled a terrorist by his drill instructors and was put inside of a dryer that was turned on all of this leading up to the recruit committing suicide by jumping off of the top of the stairs. There is also the Somolia affair that happened back in 1993. It was considered Canada’s national shame, it was also one of the reasons that the Canadian airborne regiment got disbanded. As well as back in 2015 Cadets the royal military college of Canada were found to be struggling with understanding sexual consent and as well as cat callingA Muslim Marine was ordered multiple times to get into a clothes dryer after being called a terrorist by his drill instructor  lamothe (2016) quotes ” you’re going to kill us all the first chance you get aren’t you, terrorist, said the drill instructor later on 20 year old Raheel Siddiqui passed away after jumping off of a stairwell that was almost 40ft high, it was later discovered that the drill instructor had hit the private before he committed suicide. There are other serious cases of “hazing”. Over seven years ago a Lance corporal in the United States Marines by the name of Harry Lew Fell asleep while on guard on deployment a Sergent ordered two other marines to punch and kick him and later making him do push-ups and sit-ups in full battle rattle shortly after the incident Lance Corporal Harry Lew committed suicide. Although some people do believe some forms of Hazing is acceptable such as when you receive your blood wings. Blood Wings are earned when you complete your paratroopers course they push your paratrooper wings through your uniform and then you have someone who is already completed their para course to punch the wings right into your chest penetrating skin causing you to bleed Hence the name blood wings. some people also believe unit initiations are another form of Hazing that is acceptable as it is done to everyone no matter age, race or sexuality and often times after the initiation everyone goes out and drinks.Back in 1993 the Canadian airborne regiment were involved with the scandal named Somalia affair later refered to as Canada’s national shame. This incident Led to the Canadian airborne regiment to be disbanded. This was caused over the death of Shidane Arone that was beaten to death by members of the Canadian Airborne Regiment.             Wikipedia (2017) Somalia Affair quotes from soldiers 1(Sgt Mark bolland-” I don’t care what you do, just don’t kill the guy”) 2(Pvt Matchtee- “now the black man Would fear The Indian as he did the white man”)3( Cpl Macdonald said to Sgt perry (he (the prisoner) was getting a good shit kicking) The teenager was later found dead with burn marks on his genitals. It was shown that almost 80 other soldiers could hear the abuse but ignored this was a big factor in disbanding the airborne as it caused a lot of problems with the United Nations as we were there for humanitarian relief