Abortion baby that never got to experience

Abortion has been a huge controversy
throughout America even before the Supreme Court’s ruling of the Roe v Wade
case. This topic will continue to be a controversy until the end of time, but
in no state in America should abortion be legal. Abortion should be illegal
across America for many reasons such as, abortion is the killing of a human
being, unborn babies have the right of life, and the abortion procedure can be
harmful physiologically and physically to the mother.

According to National Review, The Department
of Health and Human Services has devised a new plan for 2018-2022 that includes
“serving and protecting Americans at every stage of life, beginning at
conception” (para. 3). If we follow the American government’s definition of
life, then an abortion is outright the killing of a human being. Fetuses are
people even if they haven’t come out of the womb yet. By conducting an abortion,
you are killing a baby that never got to experience life. Many people believe
that fetuses don’t feel the damage of an abortion done in the early stages of
life, but according to Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, “Surgeons
entering the womb to perform corrective procedures on tiny unborn babies have
seen those babies flinch, jerk and recoil from sharp objects and incisions”
(para. 2). Although many people do not believe it, an abortion does cause
physical pain to the fetus. An abortion is even worse when you take in account
the number of families that try so hard to have children but can’t, they would
do anything to be able to have a child.

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Abortion is the unlawful killing of a
fetus, which is an absolute violation of the fetus’s rights that were given to
it the moment it was conceived. A main counterargument that is brought up when talking
about the illegalization of abortion is that not allowing abortion is a direct
violation towards the mother rights. child is deprived of life, how is that not
violating the rights of the child if its not even alowed to live its life? The
father of the child is also stripped of rights. Ultimately it is the woman’s
decision. What if she decides to have an abortion, but the father wants to keep
it? Its not allowing the father to be a father because the women is not
allowing the child to live. 
Abortionno.com says, “We do not erase a rape by killing the baby.
We do not cure a baby by taking its life. And we do not avoid all health issues
by avoiding the reality of another human.” Also, under no circumstance
should there be an abortion just because two teenagers “messed up.”
If you are old enough to have sexual intercourse, you are also old enough to
deal with the consequences. Like a baby, ST-I’s, etc. Circumstances surrounding
a birth can be tragic, but ending a life should not be the answer.


With the conduction of an abortion,
comes many possible complications that can happen physically and
physiologically with the mother. So not only is an abortion the killing of an
innocent soul, but it can also leave a massive impact on the mother as well.
According to Ramah International, some of the most dangerous risks that comes
with an abortion are “Pelvic Infections, Blood clots in the uterus, Heavy
bleeding, and possibly an impact on future pregnancies.” (para. 1-10). So not
only does a woman risk having complications after the procedure, but a woman
runs a high risk of death during the surgery, which increases based on what
trimester the woman is in. A study conducted on records of nearly half a
million women in Denmark reveals significantly higher maternal death rates
following an abortion compared to delivery. The study shows that nearly two
times the women that die because of delivery, die because of an abortion in
Denmark. Studies like these show the necessity in having to ban abortion
worldwide, we wouldn’t only save the future of the world but their mothers as