A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words Essay

Words are not enough to express how wonderful and fascinating my great-grandmother is.  It is never adequate to depict the amazing qualities of each person through language.  Like an unspoken sentiment the value of an individual is felt and experienced.  Love, passion, and ideals can never be fully translated to words.  One can only hope that our words give justice to the things we strive to describe.  Born in 1916, my great-grandmother lived through the rigorous and grueling life of a third world country.  Since birth she endured obstacles beyond what I can imagine.  All these challenges molded her to become the person that she is- bright, strong-willed, independent woman.  She faced every ordeal with an unyielding will knowing that each one is a great opportunity to uncover the mysteries of life.  Early on, she acknowledged the fact that one can never outgrow the need to learn.  Each day she wanted to learn.  This passion eventually led her to become a teacher.  She was a zealous educator dedicating most of her energy to her profession.  She felt much fulfillment as a teacher knowing that she has followed her heart’s most genuine desire.



Joy springs from discovering one’s real purpose.  My great-grandmother was blessed with that discovery.  It taught her precious values and inspired her to become selfless.  She is always ready to give an extra hand.  She even helped raised me and shaped me into a younger version of herself.  My greatest dream is to experience her life-changing discoveries.  I learned a lot from my great-grandmother.  She incessantly passed on so many valuable lessons about how to become a better individual.  As time goes by, everything changes.  Sadly, my great-grandmother is afflicted with a certain degree of dementia.  It becomes complicated to deal with her now but I know deep inside, her heart still beats with the same fervor and enthusiasm as it was years ago.  It feels bittersweet to have our roles reversed.  I am more than willing to take care of her.  Inevitably, the physical dwindles with time but the emotions remain resolute just like my great-grandmother.

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