A film analysis of the movie Legion Essay

Legion the movie was about a how a group of people meets at a restaurant called paradise falls. They then meet an old woman who turns out not be your regular person. Confused about what is going on, a man by the name Michael shows up and explains the unusual phenomenon that has taken place. He tells them that God is unsatisfied with humanity and he has sent people like the old woman to come and destroy them. Just like before God was mad at humanity and sent a flood to wipeout the earth (the bible).

Michael also said that he was the angel Michael and that he did not follow Gods instructions because he has seen good within one of the main characters. One of the people trapped in the restaurant is pregnant and the angel said that the baby that is inside of her will stop everything but it has to be born first. The group of people work together to fight off the creatures until the baby is finally born. The movie ends with Charlie holding her baby and Jeep her boyfriend driving down the road together.

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This movie appealed to me because of the plot with God being mad at humanity and that one soul could save everyone. It shows me that even though there are bad people in the world do not just get mad and say I do not care because there is still good people out there. In fact one of my favorite quotes from the movie was when Jeep asked the angel Michael “why didn’t you lose faith,” he said “I have watched you people wage in war but in the midst of all this darkness, I see some people who will not give up even though they know all hope is lost. He finishes by saying “some realizes that being lost is so close to being found. ” I chose that quote as my favorite because it is so true. For example if you look at our history, you will notice that when there is a decline there is always an increase. The movie could have been better with just a few fixes. One fix would have been to explain the plot more in the beginning then in the middle. I was lost throughout most of the beginning trying to figure out what is going on instead of actually enjoying the beginning.

A second fix would be to change how poorly they explain what the creatures are that attack the group of people. Another thing I would change is the scene where the angels Michael and Gabriel was fighting and make it more dramatic because it’s a really cool part of the movie I just wished they would have highlighted it just a little bit more. With little fixes you could make a movie go from being just good to being great. When watching this movie I had mixed feelings about the lighting. In the beginning, the light was dark and it was hard to see.

My first thought was it needs to be brighter but when I actually thought about it, I realized that the scene would not have had such an impact if it were lighter. Even though I understand why they choose to make the scene dark I still believe they could have made it a bit brighter because sometimes I could not even see what was going on. When you get to the bright scenes, you notice that there in the desert. The lighting was perfect then because the desert is a place where it is bright and dry. The light portrayed the dryness and even had a light orange glow to it that made me feel like I was actually in the desert.

Throughout this movie, they have scenes where they play music. The music in this movie really helps capture you because it is so dramatic. The music is played when something is either coming or about to happen which helps build the suspense. For example near the end we did not know if she was going to have the baby or not and the music kept building until she had it. It also seems like the music shows how our emotions are supposed to be. For example at the end after she had her baby and they were on the road safe, they played calming happy music which was exactly how I felt at the end.

Music can play a big role in a film. Choosing the cast for a movie is very important. One reason is that you do not want to pick someone who does not fit the role because that can make people not like the movie even though it has a good storyline. In this movie, they choose the right people. For example, Adrianne Palicki is the person who plays Charlie. Charlie is supposed to be someone who has that “I don’t care” attitude and Adrianne was perfect for that role because she can portray that attitude and it really showed in the movie (IMDb).

Another reason it is important is if you have some cast members that is already well known you can get people to see the movie just because of it. For example, Tyrese Gibson played in many movies before and when I had seen his name on the cast list, it made me want to see it because he did a fantastic job in other movies (IMDb). I have also read some reviews just to see what other people thought about the movie. There is one critic named Frank Scheck that I agreed with on a couple of things that he said.

For example, he said, “huddled inside the dinner is the usual group of disparate types typically found in a disaster movie,” which is so true because “they had the gruff restaurant owner, an upscale couple with a rebellious daughter, and the mysterious pistol-packing stranger” (Frank Scheck). The critic said that this film was not supposed to appeal to critics because they did not get to see the movie until opening day. I did not realize that critics did not get to see the movie until opening day, when critics usually see it before its open day (Frank Scheck).

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