A Dose of Serenity: My Vacation in the Bahamas Essay

A Dose of Serenity: My Vacation in the Bahamas

            I started the summer with much hesitance. I was not anticipating anything exciting, for I was not even intending to leave more than 12 feet from my bed. Nothing was planned nor laid out as the perfect way to spend my vacation. And therefore I expected that this was to be the most boring and forgettable summer of all. But I suspected wrong. This summer turned out to be one of the most exciting and unique in all my life. And no matter how much time has passed, I would forever remember my brief visit in an Island somewhere in the Caribbean, where I first felt that the world is nothing but perfect.

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            The school bell rang and echoed throughout the school to mark that the academic  year is finally over. Students rushed through the doors and could not help but anticipate what they will do after they have exited the school building. Everywhere I turn I see faces of glee and satisfaction that their most deserved vacation has finally come. There is adrenalin rush everywhere, however, I did not share their hype. I walked slowly and passed through the doors in an orderly fashion. But as soon as I stepped out of the school premises, I heard a yell from a familiar voice.

            It was my bestfriend who apparently was brewing something in his head. With all enthusiasm and spontaneity, he told me that this summer should be different. And in order to make it distinct, we have to do something we have never done together before. And like a snap of a finger, we both decided to book ourselves in the next flight to the Bahamas for a vacation that we never envisioned we would be able to take.

            We checked-in to a resort where our hotel room has a view of the pristine blue waters and the white sand beaches. We could see the people sun bathing, the women in their bikinis and the men in their board shorts. There were lovers here and there, holding hands, and kissing each other as if the entire world is not watching. How I envy the content faces they have, and how I wish I someone on this island is willing to share the romantic air with me.

            It was just me and my bestfriend together. First in our itinerary was to head for the ocean. We raced ourselves to where the tides were drenching the delicate sands. Like little boys enjoying the garden sprinklers, we splashed the Atlantic waters underneath the Caribbean skies. It was early in the afternoon and the sun was just perfect. It was neither scorching hot nor was it chilling to the skin. The tide was just decreased the water level, revealing the seagrasses formerly submerged. It is now easier to go snorkeling and explore the well preserved corals of the Bahamas. I saw clown fishes, which reminded me well of Nemo, and I saw different corals resembling mushrooms. It was really fun and very interesting. I have never appreciated natural beauty like this, up close and real.

            During the day before our scheduled departure from the islands, something else happened. As the sun was setting behind the island mountains from afar and the horizons were slowly getting dark, I saw an extraordinarily beautiful face smiling across the beach. She was staring on the heavens of indigo and faint pink colors. It seemed as if I could not compare her beauty to all the wonders that surround us. As if magnetized, I could still not explain what possessed me to approach her on that Bahaman dusk.

            I asked for her name and she gently replied. I could tell that she is not American, judging from the accent when she spoke. Like a sweet Spanish guitar, her voice resonated through my ears. We talked a while and shared funny moments. Although we cam from very different countries with cultures that seem worlds apart, we connected and simply let the ebbing of tides accompany us. The night grew deeper and the stars gently filled the skies. As we gazed to the heavens above, I could not help myself but to kiss her unassuming lips. And she did not resist, for she even reciprocated my act of affection. It was a brief moment that somehow lasted for eternity. I held her face and stared her deep into her eyes, and I saw this vulnerable creature left defenseless.

            We both understood from that moment that there is something between us. But we also knew that it can never last. With the bitter words of goodbye, we decided to walk our separate paths. It was the most amazing few seconds in my life, and I had to let it go. I was left speechless, and aghast of how fast moments could pass. But I was glad I seized it. And I know I would never regret the happiness I felt when I touched her cheeks with my hands, and kissed her with my entire soul.

            We left the following day for the States. For the last time I stared at the view I saw during the very first day we arrived. I bade the island farewell, and the beautiful girl I saw in the beach just the night before. No matter how hard it was to return with my mind left behind in that resort, I boarded the plane and welcomed the fact that this is just a short and even surreal taste of perfection.

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