A Closer Look at Obama’s Inaugural Speech Essay

The President’s inaugural speech which hinted at oncoming state policies, initiatives or campaign forecast of achievements implied one very important thing: change. The President himself personified the meaning of change. Having been the first African-American head of the union is one significant change from traditions. More than simple change, the President’s various campaign overtures going into his inaugural speech were messages of hope in the face of so much worldwide despair and unity in the face of conflicts.

The speech admirably hinted at not just financial reforms in the economy but value-based changes that attacked greed and irresponsibility of Wall Street players that surprisingly showcased that capitalism can be its own potent victim. He was concerned about its adverse effects seen all around such as lost jobs and homes, shuttered businesses, costly health care, educational failures and even the nagging thought that America’s decline is becoming inevitable.

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These areas of changes has given everyone an urgent need at remaking America and this becomes the jewel of the President’s initiatives translated into policies and examples – and reforming bad habits – probably because these bad habits translate into bad decisions. The President’s speech emphasized that sense of responsibility and resolve as symbolized by four specific places where America’s defining moments were put into tests – Khe Sanh, Normandy, Concord and Gettysburg.

That these places put America and Americans bigger than themselves are the challenges that enable the next generation to live better lives. On the other hand, this is articulated in the need to protect mother earth from the clutches of a rampaging climate change, nuclear threat and environmental decay. These are the just some of the President’s promise of change and these represent the unfolding reality that everyone anticipated and are beginning to appreciate.