Hector and Paris are two very
different people when it comes their bravery, personality and relationships.

Hector can be seen as confident and courageous even at the times that he knows
he might lose. “War – I know it well, the butchery of men. Well I know, shift
to the left, shift to the right. My tough tanned shield, that’s what the real
drill defensive fighting means to me. I know it all, how to charge in the rush
of plunging horses. I know how to stand and fight to the finish. Twist and lunge
in the War-god’s deadly dance.” (Book 7, lines 275-281) Reflecting on the quote
above you can sense Hector’s passion, his knowledge and courage within his
fighting. On the other hand Paris was seen as more of a coward when it came to fighting
and even seen as a coward when it came to love and relationships. For example
in book 7, Hector finds Paris polishing his armor instead of fighting on the
battlefield. It was almost like Paris was scared and hiding because when Hector
saw him he admitted to Hector that he was a coward and said that he would return
to battle straightaway. Another comparison that came to mind is how Hector is
seen as a lover AND a fighter while Paris is a lover but NOT a fighter. With
that being said, there is a twist. Though you may think that there is a similarity
between the two being lovers Paris only has a wife because he stole the wife of
someone else. Hector has a wife and a family of his own that, from what I know,
did not interfere with another person’s relationship. It almost seems like
Paris always wants the easy way out but Hector is willing to work and fight for
what he wants.

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