28/01/2018 after my undergraduate degree course, I




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and after my undergraduate degree course, I got different roles in the financial
institution and two among the roles given to me was the role of a risk management
and sales and marketing. These two roles motivated me to go for further studies
in order to gain more knowledge and skills needed to be able to open my own firm.
With too many companies recently being closed due to liquidation it is upon us
to provide professional advice to companies in order to improve their
performances and provide solutions to their problems.

this idea in mind, I got motivated and made every effort to study hard and
finish my Master degree in financial management. After achieving my master
degree, I have gained the knowledge of how to manage funds in order to attain
the goals and objectives of the company.  As my dream seems like it is coming to pass, I
still feel I need more than just a master degree to be able to open my own
company and help run and lead my family business by getting a higher executive
management role and this motived me further to pursue a doctorate course.

 A doctorate course is the highest awarded
course in business administration. It is a unique course that involves being taught
in the class in the first year and carrying out a research in the business
administration. With the help of different online resources, attending
university open day and education consultants, I did some research on different
universities that provide DBA course that would suit my need. Having considered
four universities of choice, I researched keenly on all the universities. Middlesex
University, the University of the West of Scotland, Southampton University and Northampton
University which all the Universities provided a DBA course. While doing my
research I found out that all the Universities excluding UWS, the course
attendance was only offered to part-time students which did not favour me.

the course content provided is mainly based on an online study resource, online
discussion and it is entirely work-based thus there is no interaction which is
important for a student environment as it will create confident and exchange
different ideas with each other. Southampton course content includes a one-week
induction module for the research and evaluation skills while Northampton course
content includes 6 modules each running for three months which would have been
a great ideal for student interaction but it is provided on a part-time basis.

being offered by  UWS is a unique course
which is provided for both students who want to study 6 years part-time and 3
years full time. UWS provides DBA to international students who are limited to
study full time.  A DBA in UWS will provide
the support needed to help me acquire and attain professional requirement
leading to the highest level of doctorial qualification. Furthermore, I will be
joining one of the best business universities in the UK that provides quality
education. UWS is known for its reputable discipline for its students and so
welcoming to all international students. When I attended the interview I felt
so received by the university staff, they were so engaging and helpful. Later
after a discussion with my family, professors and international student advisor
at that moment I knew UWS is the right choice to study DBA.

DBA course in UWS is offering me two phases of my study year whereby the first
phase involves a one year being taught in class by professionally qualified professors
to develop future leaders for tomorrow.  The
modules include strategy into action, strategic thinking and value management,
leadership and professional development and research methodology and proposal. Each
module will be taught for a period of three months and will focus on advanced
strategic management and the next two years will involve the writing of
research thesis.

I will be able to gain an understanding of how to make important decisions, how
to solve problems, How to develop both critical and analytical skills in strategic
thinking and management. The four modules will help me increase confidence by
interacting with other students which I will be able to use it practically in
the work-place.

choose to study DBA course because I am looking forward to gain both
professional skills and develop more knowledge that will broaden and enhance my
career opportunities to the next level. I am also determined to do a DBA to help
run a family business as I have played a big role in making some necessary decisions
concerning the company.  

addition, doing a DBA I will address and research some of the current problems
that face companies in the real world. Recently one of the biggest companies
went into liquation thus this will open up the doors to research and determine
the cause. Additionally, a DBA course offered in UWS suits my expectation in
the real life and will not only help me gain the understanding that I desire but
I will also be a benefit to the society and the community at large. With a DBA
course, I will attain the management skills needed for the success of a company.

Universities are internationally recognised and ranked amongst the top institutions
worldwide. As an International student, studying in the UK gives me a chance to
be trained and taught by the top university lecturers.  The method used by the professors in teaching is
flexible and it gives you an opportunity to develop and acquire different skills.
Studying DBA course in the UK will fast-track the time offered to finish my
studies in three years rather than studying four to five years abroad. However,
by doing a course in the UK it will benefit the community at large and
organisations back home by sharing the ideas and knowledge acquired. I will
continue to learn new cultures, different languages and learn different
lifestyle to take back home.

my studies, there are many opportunities back home including taking over my
family business and helping my father run the company. It is always my family
wish that someone with professional skills and knowledge to take over the
business and finishing the DBA course I will return back home and take over the
company. Undertaking a DBA will not only help me to run the family business but
it will open a door for me to have an opportunity to go back home and be an entrepreneur.
DBA is flexible in a way that I will be my own boss and become a professional
consultant and an analysist.  With this
plans, I will be able practice the knowledge and skills acquired during the DBA
course and gain experience.

DBA course will be a great achievement in my life and given the chance to be
enrolled in March 2018 intake in your institution will be a dream come true.

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