2004 risk referral must be done of

2004 children act which is aimed at converting children services
and making sure that every child has the support needed to develop and be
safeguarded, it provided a critical account of the changes bothering social
work with children and families because of the neo-liberal reasonably,
Nevertheless, while neo-liberalism is the main joint ideology which contains.

el al, (2016) states that in 2010 in England the social work
professionals was established as an independent social work organisations
contracted by local authorities to provide social work services in out of home
care and care leavers. In England, around £200,000 per annum for the 3 years
for each local authority that commissioned a social worker professional. Thain,
(2004) examined the changes in law and policies of protecting children, that
everyone is responsible for protecting children and making sure they are safe.
Safeguarding children undertake specific training and to reflect on their
abilities to act where necessary, while child protection training and specific
clinical supervision of all practitioners to take action where they have
knowledge that a child is at risk a requirement of section 47 of the children
act 1989. Once at child is at risk referral must be done of children in need or
at risk of harm, however, professionals working with children should main
confidential information of the child.

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Jack and Gill, (2009) discussed
that children well-being guides that include measures the poverty, education,
behaviour and relationships explains that children and young people in the UK
doing poorly compared to Germany. The main basics of this scheme include
legislative and service delivery for the identification and following
organisation of unsafe adult’s protective involvements in families when
children are decided to be at risk of important harm. Community designed to
safe safeguarding children in the involvement of a social worker taking
responsibility for the children from the estate who were either in care or
under supervision orders on the child protection register. Jack and Gill,
(2009) furthermore explain the community development approaches which are aimed
to reduce the pressure on local parents and children by enchaining the range of
activities and informal social support theses help and support activities and
parent and child participation had resulted in good outcome. The concerns of
child abuse and parents who were good enough in different communities can lead
to misunderstanding and mistrust about the actions social workers police and
other child welfare professional in communities with different cultural
expectations. Nevertheless, Jack and Gill, (2009) children services agencies
intending to develop community oriented safeguarding practice should be aware
who many of the family’s neighbourhoods are the focus of their safeguarding
concerns are already living under considerable pressure thus they may be lack the
resources of time and energy to become involved in community level activities
designed to safeguarding and promote the well-being of children and young

to the department for education (2017) social worker in England require a
minimum of 2.1 level 6 degree qualifications, a minimum of 2.2 hours’ degree
plus a higher degree level 7 or above which can include a master degree or a
postgraduate certificate in education. Also, social workers must have C or
above in GCSEs in English and mathematics, an applicant must also have
experience of voluntary or paid work with children, young people or families.

Littlechild, (2012) argues that social workers need to have a good understanding of how
their practice and delivery of services are affected by personal and structural
issues surroundings cultural and ethics differences. The social justice of
social workers has a