2. the top downapproach of defining and

2. Designing for NBA accreditationThe institution needs to first come out with a visionfor itself and accordingly have various missions toachieve the mission. Vision is a futuristic statement(dream) that the institution would like to achieveover a period of time and mission (few statements)are the means by which the institution proposes tomove towards and achieve the stated vision.Considering the view points of all the stakeholders’viz. the faculty, students, employers, alumni, parents,management the programme educational objectivesare formed which act as a guideline for the particular(PEO) programme. These PEO are few in numbersay 4 to 6 which broadly describe what knowledge,skills and behaviour the graduate engineer needs toattain after few (3-5) years of graduation. The PEOshould be in line with the mission and thus the visionof the institution. After the PEO are formulated theprogramme outcomes (PO) are described. PO are 12in number and represent the graduate attributes asdescribed under WA. For each subject we need todefine unit wise/chapter wise objectives and themcorrelate them to arrive at objectives for the subjectknown as course outcomes. The course refers tosubjects studied in each semester and hence thecourse outcomes (CO) need to be defined for eachand every subject. CO indicates the learningoutcomes in terms of knowledge, skills andbehaviour after each semester. After the top downapproach of defining and designing the outcomes isover mapping is to be undertaken. Mapping is theprocess of representing, preferably in matrix form,the correlation among the parameters. Mappingshows what desired outcomes are already taught, andat what level, reveals gaps, reveals potential forcross-course collaboration. Mapping makes course,program level outcomes clearer to the students andshows where interventions may be required. Mappingis undertaken to correlate the Mission with PEO, POto the PEO and the CO to the PO. How the courseoutcomes contribute to the attainment of theprogramme outcomes, how the PO lead to fulfilmentof PEO needs to be explained by use of tables andcharts. The correlation can be low/medium, high ornot applicable (ranked 1, 2, 3 or “-“respectively) asthe case may be. In the new 2015 SAR 12 POs arealready defined and the CO does not map the entirePO. Hence augmentation process needs to beundertaken to ensure that the entire 12 PO are