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1There is a general belief about how public sector organizations find it difficult to accept change. Especially, when compared to private sector organizations where change is constantly going on. However, constantly changing structures and practices to align with the external environment, organizations can recreate their environment to align with their preferred style of working. So organizations are not at the mercy of the external environment, sometimes they can also influence external events (Lamb et al, 2011). Although, there are several ways of accomplishing this I believe that it all depends on the kind of industry the organization is operating on and the type of environment change it seeks to achieve. One important external factor that can have a great impact on the organization are regulations. Regulations can affect an organization interests. In such cases, the organization can use the campaign to urge authorities and international bodies to change or influence laws and regulations that are seen as operating against the organization interests. For example, according to Lamb et al (2011), it explained a case where Japan initially had opposed new cargo routes for FedEx. In this case, FedEx extensive campaign at the white house, at multiple agencies, and in Congress allowed it to overcome Japanese refusal and attain practically all of the Japanese routes that it has aimed. Another important external factor that can affect organization is the Consumers taste and behavior.In this case, organizations can influence the external environment by changing customers opinions and taste through frequent commercials and advertisements to manipulate customers. This is most important in highly competitive consumer industries and in industries that experience variable demand (Daft et al, 2014). Additionally, organizations can also use ownership and control to influence their environment through acquisitions or merger (Daft et al, 2014). Acquisitions involve the purchase of other organizations in order to gain ownership stakes to assume control of the industry. These forms of ownership can allow an organization to influence the environment and reduce uncertainty in an important area (Daft et al, 2014). For example, Facebook’s acquisitions of Instagram is something that helped it to dominate the social media industry. Facebook has been the biggest social media platform in the world in the last 5years and acquisition of Instagram as greatly increase it stand as the king of social media platform.This acquisition has now made Instagram the biggest social media platform with the most users in the world today. Another way an organization can recreate its environment is by acquiring core technologies and introducing an emerging product that will create a new market and make competitors change their way of thinking. For instance, MOOCs (massive open online courses) recreated the learning industry environment. MOOCS created a new market in the educational industry by simple providing online lectures and examinations for students who cant make it to the classroom due to several reasons such as work or parental leave.MOOCs offer a great content that allows lectures of renowned higher institutions and professors to be available online at a very low cost. Additionally, MOOCs is open to admitting anyone willing to learn, as opposed to several universities which are very selective. Thus, we can agree that the emergence of MOOCs in a way transformed the learning environment. And since the accessibility of computer or mobile devices is still on the increase.MOOCs will have even more students enrolling for online studies in years to come, most especially in developing countries where several people don’t have the opportunity to study online yet.6-Lamb, C.W., Hair, J.F. and McDaniel, C., 2011. Essentials of marketing. Cengage Learning.


7- Daft, R., Murphy, J. and Willmott, H., 2014. Organization theory and design. Cengage Learning.

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