1)Endorsesthe Interpol to look over the protection

protection of humanitarian rights on the people of Palestine and Israel through
the following ways:

a) The Security Council calls upon
the World Health Organization (WHO) to look after medical treatment and health
care of the people in the conflicted zones,

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b) The Security Council calls upon
the Interpol to look over the protection of individuals in conflicted zones,

c) Calls upon the International
Court of Justice (ICJ) to look over the legal prosecutions of war criminals,

d) Urges United Nations Human
Rights Council (UNHRC) to set up a specialized body in the territories to
monitor the human rights of the people,

e) Further urgesthe United Nations
Development Program (UNDP) to help the state of Palestine to recover from their
problems of poverty and unemployment;

resettlement and rehabilitation of Palestinian refugees in the West Bank and
Gaza Strip;

3)  Urgesfor immediate steps to
prevent all acts of violence against civilians in the following ways:

a) Strengthening effort to combat
terrorism including through existing security coordination and condemning all
acts of terrorism,

Strongly condemns any sort of aggressive and
violent action of Hamas towards the people of the Israeli state;

4) Calls upon
to all the nations to promote peace and security in the Middle East and provide
credible diplomatic resources for resuming peace talks on all final status;

5) Stresses the
cessation of the Israeli settlements is a hindrance to the two state solutions
and calls upon countries to take affirmative action to reverse the drawbacks of
the problem;

6)Calls upon
countries not to recognize any changes with the 1967 borderlines including the
regard to Jerusalem;

7) Urges
all nations to pressurize Palestine to denounce and demilitarize Hamas;

8) Endorses the
agreement made by Israel and Palestine;

remain seized of the matter.