1 thesis is based on an actual



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this entire thesis is based on an actual business case of a company called
CoorsTek Netherlands B.V. in Uden, Netherlands. Derived from Philips Component factory,
the company mainly provides ceramic components used in conventional lighting
market. Nowadays, being environment-friendly is one of the leading concerns of
all industries, and the lighting business is not an exception. It can be
clearly seen that the market is currently facing a major transition, from
traditional lighting technologies to LED.

In view of
the changing landscape of the global conventional lighting market that results
in a gradual decline in this main production of CoorsTek Uden for the past few
years, the company expects to grow sales with its other product lines, one of
which is ceramic membranes. This particular product can be utilized in
different clarification and filtration processes, for example the clarification
of water and wastewater, beer, wine, juice, .. and other liquids.

With a view
to promoting sales, one of the industries corresponding to those liquids is
selected as a secondary market in relation to ceramic membrane market. To put
it differently, CoorsTek wants to know the scale of these markets and estimate
its potential market share along with preparing a go-to-market strategy without
risking the business. In this specific case, beer industry is chosen to figure
out whether or not it is addressable for CoorsTek to approach with its ceramic
membrane product. Hence, the whole study focuses on analyzing these two markets
from the scope of their background and market structure as well as the
company’s situation to come up with a proper market penetration plan for
CoorsTek. That leads to the main topic of this thesis: Business Case for CoorsTek Netherlands B.V.

of this study

speaking, the purpose of this study is to identify the company’s potentials in
the ceramic membrane market as well as specify its new opportunities by
entering beer industry. By that, the study is expected to gain insights about
the pointed markets from different perspectives, afterwards, come up with a
consistent result – a strategy for CoorsTek to expand its business.

the thesis, the author strives to bring up significant knowledge from the
extent of the market size of various sectors. Also, this study is meant to
specify the main considerations affecting the market’s factors, including
drivers, opportunities, industry difficulties as well as other critical issues.
With the help of concise analysis, the thesis will separate each market into
geographic fragments along with its corresponding influence. By and large, the
topic will be selectively demonstrated by pointing out the significant scenery
of two chosen markets. 


selected research method used to conduct this study is qualitative method
because of its flexibility characteristic. Obviously, it is considered as a
suitable method since the whole study established to seek answers for a major
question based on collected evidences. Thus, the findings will not be
determined beforehand and according to the direction of the researches, it
might even draw a conclusion that is applicable beyond the set delimitation of
the study.

this study is supported by a real case company with actual data provided by
different internal departments including Sales, Financial and Production within
CoorsTek operation and the company’s external network. The study of empirical
including the analysis of case company CoorsTek Netherlands B.V. is implemented
using the qualitative approach involving document analysis and semi-structured
interviews. All the market forecasts shown in this report are based on both
public and syndicated data sources.

mentioned in the objectives, this study is supposed to demonstrate a detailed
picture of the markets from the approaching method of study, synthesis, and
aggregation of data from multiple sources. Hence, the collected and presented
data is assured as a comprehensive and reliable combination of extensive
research depending on both primary and secondary resources.

the information used is collected from both primary and secondary resources.
Particularly, the primary resources, include internal repository, industry
journals and periodicals, company’s historical data, selected periodical
reports created by key stakeholders of CoorsTek. The secondary research gathers
data from other manufacturers (who could be customers, partners or competitors
of the company), suppliers, partners, experts in the field and strategic
decision makers within CoorsTek’s operation. All of the information contribute
to define the major factors affecting the market and predict market’s movement
in the future to adjust company’s strategies.

and limitation of this study

this topic is very important for CoorsTek Uden at the moment because it is
meant to support the decision-making process and function as a guideline for
the company when approaching the new market. It gives the executive board of
the company as well as other decision-makers within the operation a proper idea
of what is going on and the possible solution for this dilemma. Furthermore,
this study will not only beneficiate the company but also some other parties
who get involved in these pointed markets, including providers of filtration
system (that contain ceramic membranes) for beer industries and beer
manufacturers who want to adapt themselves to the eco-friendly and effective
filtration trends.

This report
reveals a range of selective characteristics of the mentioned markets, mostly
concern sales and marketing sector, for instances estimated sales and market
trends, market maturity, market size, sales forecast growth rate and other
relevant concepts, not other fields of business.

the study is conducted in CoorsTek Nethelands B.V established on its very
specific landscape, which leads to the fact that some of the theories posed in
this thesis are only applicable on the scope of this company, not for
generalization. In other words, the limitation and confinement found during the
time of conducting this study are defined by CoorsTek’s nature, culture and



The entire
thesis is based on a practical case, mostly using the up-to-date company’s
publications and reliable external resources combined with a number of theories
relating to sales and marketing field due to the specific requirements of the
related placement (which is done in Sales and Marketing department of CoorsTek
Netherlands B.V).

Since the
ultimate goal of this study is to come up with an appropriate market outlook
for CoorsTek, which will be created under the outline combining current
strategic, marketing, financial and risk management plans. Apart from that,
marketing researches are conducted, which is the basis of a marketing plan. the
key concepts used consist of very basic and common marketing tools including
SWOT analysis and Porter’s Five Forces. Besides, the ability to understand
competition landscape, market positioning is essential, which contributes to
the display of marketing strategies, competitor analysis and other relevant
analysis. In order to avoid any confusion related to the research process, a
diagram is formed expressing the relationship among key concepts, in
consequences with the final conclusion, presented below: