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1. Introduction: We are in an era of rapid technology advancement, regulation as well as unpredicted competition that is disrupting the existing business and operations models. Communication industry is no exception, with a wave of market disruption that is challenging its sustenance at the same time opening up new opportunities in unexplored areas. At present most of the organization operate as “pipeline” based business model. A pipeline based model create value by controlling a linear series of activities (value created upstream, delivered downstream), a classic value-chain model. Whereas, platform based model is based on facilitation of value-exchanges between consumer and producer who are made up of two or more interdependent groups or entities.  A Platform based business model always wins when they enter into pipeline based firm’s market 1. Apple’s iPhone (likewise Google’s competing Android O.S) domination against its competitors in the mobile industry during the year 2015 is a show of power a platform-based model brings. 2. Enablers of Platform-Based Business Model: TeleManagement Forum (TM Forum) communication industry standards now includes platform based business model 2. Platform based architecture approach adopts principles of microservices and Open APIs as enablers for platform-based business model. Several top Communication Service Provider (CSP) like AT, BT, CenturyLink, Telefonica and many others have publicly announced their strategy to go with microservices architecture to support their business 34. Recent statement by Melissa Arnoldi, president of Technology and Operations, AT, “We’re now looking at the 2,200+ apps in our IT system, and we’re starting to break them up into microservices to create agility, speed and scalability that wasn’t possible before.” 5As against the monolith application architecture, microservices architecture provides flexible, agile at scale and performance, autonomous, independent and modular approach, features necessary for platform based architecture. Figure 1 provides an overview representation of microservices architecture, its enablers, its properties and its applications (not exhaustive).