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1. The colonist were fighting for all three liberty, equality, and democracy due to the fact that the government had too much control and they wanted independence.The colonist were justified in their rebellion against england due to the fact that Brittan was taking advantage of them. This was done by the British increasing their rules and decree on these helpless American colonies and their hard working colonist. They also began charging them harsh taxes in order to pay for their French and Indian war. If I had the opportunity to have been there I would had more than likely sided with the colonial elite. The reason for my choice is that as I live my life I constantly push myself to do things that will benefit both future generations to come and myself. With that being said I believe that is what the colonial elite had in mind when they decided to rebel. Therefore, if I was put into this situation I would without a doubt side with the colonial elite.2.   There were many heated disagreement between the Federalist and the Anti-Federalist when it came to their beliefs of what should come of the new nation. One of these being how the Anti-Federalist felt that with there being a Constitution and and an upcoming national government, then more than likely a Monarchy would surface in this new nation. Although, the Federalist disagreed; they felt that a national government that was based on the Ariticals of confederation was insufficient to be able to ever meet the needs of an expanding nation. This disagreement between the federalist and the Anti-Federalist was what caused the structure of government that resulted from the constitution. They did this by.3. Having character means that your actions are commendable traits that people strive to achieve. Some of these actions are honesty, responsibility, and discipline. Some ways that a student can show character is by always being on time and being prepared at the start of everyday. This will show the professor that this student is serious and looking towards success in that class they are taking. A potential way for an employee to show character by his or her work ethic. This action can show the employer that the employee is hard working and takes pride in his or her work. This is very important if you are wanting to keep a job because it is what most employees look for at first.