?Impact of Tourism Short Report Essay

Identify the Impact of Tourism in the Glenelg Tourism Precinct, with particular reference to the Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental Impacts. Introduction
In Glenelg there are heaps of exciting activities and events to suit everyone. The main activities are Temptation Sailing, The Beachouse, the Discovery Centre and much more, there is also plenty for the kids such as Treasure hunts, Playgrounds, Wiggly Worms Café and The Fairy Bay Shop. Some upcoming events include the Glenelg Christmas Pageant, Adelaide Open Air Cinemas, A Beach Safety Event and New Year’s Eve, Foreshore Glenelg.

Economic Impacts
The economic impact of tourism in Glenelg is the increase of shopping, such as banks, books and gifts, fitness equipment, florists, food and drinks, footwear, health care, souvenirs and travel. Parks around Glenelg, the location and the weather. Some additional economic impacts of the events held in Glenelg are city to bay, Melbourne cup at the Morphettville races which is Adelaide’s biggest Melbourne cup party, Adelaide Open Air Cinemas and heaps more. In and around Glenelg there is a huge range of tourism and events employment opportunities with all the business there, some include, bar staff, security in the shops around Glenelg and also for the

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Environmental Impacts
There are many positive and negative environmental impacts on the use of public space in Glenelg. Firstly parks, parks provide people who come to Glenelg space for everyone to do something and have fun. Facilities, facilities allow people to do something and it brings heaps of people to the area. Toilets provide people to stay longer at Glenelg because they don’t need to go home to go to the toilet. Car parking provides people with space to keep their cars while they are enjoying the local attractions. Although there are many positive sides of going to Glenelg there is also many negative environmental down falls to these things. Some negative sides of parks is having so many people there the litter in and around the parks increase. In facilities tax payers have to pay for refurbishing, there is heaps of pollution and natural vegetation gets destroyed. Toilets get trashed really easily and not cleaned straight away. Car parks bring to much people and there isn’t enough space for all of the cars, and there is not security around to monitor what is going on so it isn’t very safe.

Cultural Impacts
There is a huge range of shops, restaurants and entertainment in Glenelg. The shops include banks, books and gifts, fitness equipment, health care, souvenirs, and travel. There is also heaps of restaurants that have Sea Food, The Steak House, Asian, Italian, Mexican cuisine, and so much more. There is something for everyone to do in Glenelg some include, Temptation Sailing, The Discovery Centre and The Beach House. This is impacted by Glenelg being a tourism destination hugely. Mainly because most people that come to Glenelg want to experience something new and because of the huge range of things Glenelg has on offer it is very easy to experience something new every time you go to Glenelg.

Positive points of tourism in Glenelg?
Because of the tourism and popular area of Glenelg more people come, which boost the economy. Tourism can help to create new jobs in the workforce, while some employment is skilled there can be opportunities of the younger employers. Help in the promotion and expansion of local transport services, sporting facilities and other community facilities. Negative Points of tourism in Glenelg?

People Graffiti and litter while they are down and ruin the Glenelg environment. Price increase – if a place is a tourist hotspot everyone will raise their prices and then the locals will have to pay twice as much as they usually pay. Overcrowding, everything will be loaded with people, all restaurants, shops, the beach will have rows and rows of people and so for example to get in the beach house it will be a long wait. Word Count – 608.

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