Poets Respond To…

Poets Respond To…

Poets Respond To… Current Political Climate

The Morning After

Yasmina Martin

7:45 AM
From: White boy you’re dating after you swore you’d stop dating white boys

How are you doing?
Hang in there. Take care of yourself today.

  • Of course it’s cloudy; your mood reflected in the congregation of water particles following your three-mile sprint. It’s your attempt to escape the demons.
  • They return when your colleague starts crying in your office. That morning she had been joking about these liberals and their apocalyptic reactions. She had been swearing she knew this day was coming. The comedy was over. “Sorry, it’s just too much.”
  • Every day since that day has felt like so many more days.
  • That evening, they march to his fortress and you’re tired, but you still go. Something disconnects inside you as these young people with their doc martens and their dyed bangs and their coke bottle glasses shout that you matter.
  • You find it easier to stay numb than to take in the depth of what has happened.
  • United we stand in our distress, on our blue island. Those just awakening to the terrible beauty of their republic dance with trepidation around those who have felt the burden far too long.
  • The lifting fog has brought with it a fury.

Yasmina graduated from Amherst College with a degree in Black Studies and French. She likes street art and succulents. Her current projects include learning how to create, learning Spanish, and learning how to be. She has previously published poetry in Blackberry Mag.