Malik Crumpler

Malik Crumpler

Malik Crumpler

Waiting For Rahim

     Not much on earth sleep like this barn do. But that ain’t saying nothing. Not much on earth hang about itself like this here peeling gray paint do. But that ain’t saying nothing neither. Not much on earth colored like my horse. Not even them deers in summer, now that’s something to witness. What about it though? I be done used up all the words I got if I don’t get careful.

     Hay always hay unless it burn. Then it’s just fire. Rahim had to leave the barn. Everything on four legs love hay except them growlers. You know them wolves and lions and all. But that ain’t what keep me up these past months. Rahim saved all this for me.

     I ain’t never seen a thing on earth what ain’t got no color. When I was a young smart ass, if I’d heard somebody say all that, I be the first to call a lie, an’ holler out glass, water or spider web.

     Family of spiders up in here. I don’t bother ‘em. They some creative critters ain’t they. I ain’t never pay no attention to no man scared of spiders. Hard to take a woman serious either when she say they bites can send you home. Maybe to a baby. I be done left over a thousand times this year alone, if that was true. See now, I lives in and owns this here barn but it belong to them spiders.

     I used to could watch ‘em before my eyes quit me. What color they was then? All kinds of colors. Now days, I can’t recall nare a one. I figure to make it up just fine… They’s the color of night to me. Some say webs ain’t got no color but they does when something get got in ‘em, or that morning gold help it express itself. Them spiderwebs is slick, I tell you, they even let that old moon dress ‘em up when the sun go on to give it to the otherside of the world.

     Ain’t much concerned with lies no more like I used to be. Know why? Cuz I’m olda than I can count now. Hell, I’m olda than every lie or truth I ever known. Now and days I be just staring at all the things that ain’t got nothing to do with dreams or fantasies. I keep to my horse and these here spiders. My horse night colored too.

     When I was a young fool I believed in the color of black, but ain’t no black other than shadows and fresh earth. These days, I don’t do nothing but watch and listen and sip deer colored whiskey and sit and wait for Rahim to show up over there, where our folk always rise colorless but in uniform, fresh out the web.

Malik Ameer Crumpler is a poet, rapper and music producer that’s released several albums, short films and five books of poetry.