Erica Hunt

Erica Hunt

Erica Hunt

When beset by my own tied tongue.

The drawbridge between what
I mean to say and the wreckage
of split syllables, what in life is not
a detour?

Tell me:
words attire a thought;
on a quiet morning silenced by carnage
when who knows
what’s next.

I want noise that shuffles
my pre-conceived bed to tomb ideas
I want noise with no surname, no patrynomic
(where is that noise coming from?)

We have to ask
risk parting with
heart beat, eyelid flutter
where will that noise come from?
or go to trail between
a broken forest and the trees.

I ask where will the noise comes from
so I can look for it now
to understand the origin of my bones
pop on waking
how to find the tune in temperature
the mass of laissez faire spiraling
along the spine,
curve of my perpetual
hunch over the glowing embers of screen.

No one knows where the noise comes from.
It is speaking, mostly in drum. From the
cavity of my chest to yours
Our best guess.

(on the other hand)

can a poem hold everything because it is
never stopped by its inconsistencies?
it picks up pulse and specks of light
breaking all the rules
and sets them loose like leaves in a rain storm.

especially when asleep
and waking to
the bed undone
refuses to square
with sense but is soaked with fresh
evidence of a perishable

Body set on the edge of its
metal, gives off sharp sub audible

the rules break unevenly
beyond the pale lies
a dark freedom

Can a song supply what the ears need?
A blade, a rock, a container
for exhalation?
Can the quest to understand
be quenched by blanks
when the ink is running red?

Lines will break and
peel in the face of a spitting wind
and pushed to an extreme
sometimes devour its own
except when tongue escapes its prison
to un-jail the heart and mend its beat.

Erica Hunt is a U.S. poet, essayist, teacher, mother, and organizer from New York City. She is a Djerassi Resident Artists Program Fellow and Blue Mountain Center Fellow. She has been published in Cave Canem Anthology 2004, Anthology of Love Poetry by Women Poets, and Nineteen Lines: A Drawing Center Writing Anthology. She currently teaches Creative Writing at Long Island University.